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I read on a Twitter page from 1057 Solution FM (the radio station in my home town) that it might snow in northern Maine. Here in South Carolina it is so beautiful that I am thinking about going to a lake. This makes me smile. In six days I’ll be back in the freezing cold. My mom has promised to meet me at the airport with a jacket because I am already used to the weather down here.

When my roommate and I got out of chapel today we had no more classes, so we decided we would go out for some very cheap, but good, chinese food and do the ever-necissary and ever-fun Walmart run. It is good to spend one on one time with her. Groups settings are cool, but you really get to know someone in the one-on-one. That’s my advice right now for college students. The dynamics of a group are completely different. Get one person and do something!

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