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IMG_3207There is an odd mix of minds for me today. There is the vacation-relaxed (aka easily-distracted) mind. There is the mind that is semi-cognizant that I should be editing because I have a print deadline in a week. And finally there is the mind that spends time comparing figures as I deliberate between printers. What I am left with is a jumble of numbers and characters and Disney theme songs that my consciousness slides between rapidly. Yes, this is the result of vacation. I amble my way back into work-mode far too slowly…Dino

Since I cannot possibly hope to sum up two weeks of sunshine in a single blog post, I shall slip in a few pictures and a few sentences about my trip today and leave the rest for another time. First of all, let me say that when you are standing underneath an animatronic T-Rex to take a photo, you should make sure he is not about to start roaring and bending his teeth towards your head. We started our vacation here, at the T-Rex restaurant in Downtown Disney.

My father had the wonderful idea to leave for vacation well before the sun had even thought about rising. I groaned and complained on the way out of bed, but truly enjoyed having an extra half day of vacation thanks to his good planning. I could tell you all about our wonderful resort but that would take much more space than I have today so I leave it at this: it was epic. After running ourselves ragged in blistering heat in mad dash to thrill coasters and kiddie rides that were often even more daunting to my creative mind, it was a true pleasure to be able to come back to the Art of Animation Resort and curl up on our colorful couch and my pull-down table-bed.


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