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Today we finished up Xsardis’ cover. What a thrill! We rushed the project a little in order to get an advertising poster in time for this weekend’s Octoberfest in Downtown, Bangor, where I have the opportunity to sell books. This is the same time as the Bangor Book Fest so the timing could not be better.

Ande Binan, illustrator extraordinaire, also showed me what he could do if I decided to reprint Issym with a cover more in keeping with the other two. I staggered backwards when I saw it. I won’t tell you much about it, because I can’t wait to show it to you in print, but he used a picture of a girl who looks exactly like I would have pictured Rachel (complete with her character expressed in the art!). To see for the first time my character come to life was incredible.

And the recent editing bloopers are:

You put a skirt on a continent?

How do you spell that?: T. H. A. T.   ~ Ug!

I think you need a chicken in this story.

“His focused waned” (said the story). “It could be because of his own stench” (said the editor).

Why did coloring help her use a slingshot?

Doesn’t this person have a name? Call him a small elephant if you want, but give him a name! ~And the jibe has grown to ‘baby elephant’. Thus, the joke goes that every time we’re not sure what adjective or noun or verb to use, we substitute ‘baby elephant’.


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