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I tried and tried to make today go one way, but it was destined to go another.

My mom and I planned to dash down to Belfast and then straight back to Bangor. I longed to catch up on the oodles of work this cold has put me behind on. I finished my morning’s tasks at the law firm right on time, but as we tried to leave the office building that one last phone call turned into a half hour session. I watched as my mom took the time and invested the patience to love on someone who had no one else to turn to, someone she could barely communicate with but who was in real need. And I knew right then that I had to accept a timetable designed for real people instead of piles of work. I was inspired by her action.

We enjoyed ourselves in Belfast, though we came back empty handed as for our mission. And I had hopes that work might be accomplished when I finally got upstairs to my room. I turned on Pandora, pulled my laptop open, and started to blog. I never finished. Because one phone call after another I chose to invest in real people instead of piles of work. Everyone had a different story. Each invested some tenderness in me and shared a burden with me. And not one of those phone calls should have been skipped. Did I get a lick of work done today? Nope. Did I do everything I was meant to today? Yep.

So thanks, Mom, for setting such a good example. May I always put people above piles.

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Oh I do love the open road. Nevertheless, my brain was the consistency of jello when I finally made it to New York. It was not today’s drive that killed me. It was the drive to and from New York on Tuesday, followed by this drive, that nearly sucked all my capacity for logical thought away. So, like any sane person, as I ransacked my sister Julie’s cabinets for food I settled on chocolate chip pancakes. They may not have been the best choice for food to follow up the three cups of coffee (one was decaf) I had tapped into on the drive, but oh they were good!

Listening to sermons in the car is a great way to pass the time, learn some good things, and keep your mind in a solid place. There is no telling what big thoughts will pop into a person’s head as they sit all alone in a car… My pastor’s sermons are all online and I downloaded several onto my iPod before leaving home, along with a new CD to keep me company.  So, with less near-death experiences than I usually face on a short drive in Bangor (we Mainers are crazy drivers), I made it to Nyack, New York in one piece. Tomorrow: Virginia.

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It seems like when my posts have been absent I always come back to you and say that I have been sick. And every time, including this one, it has been true. But the expectant fans of Asandra have no need to fear for things are progessing along rapidly for the November release date–largely thanks to the incredible efforts of my mother, manager, assistant, editor and friend, Judy.

Issym is now available for purchase at Borders in Bangor, Maine. Asandra will be there as soon as it is released. The book signing will be November 26–Black Friday–from 9-1(tentative) at Lambs Book and Bible. We are still hoping to hold a book release event sometime that weekend for friends, family and interested members of the local community. Asandra’s cover is almost finished and is looking great. I was very excited to see a draft and am flying back to Maine to meet with the illustrator next weekend.

I was also asked to come in as a guest speaker for a media class that I took as a student last year. This is a thrilling time, indeed! And although everything seems to be going well I am not saying that it has been or is easy. Mixing college and company is not simple. It takes dedication and the ability to say no to a lot of fun stuff. It takes late nights, early mornings, short lunch breaks and no restful Saturdays. It takes persevering through your paper and then your next chapter, while answering an email that you might not want to answer well into the early hours of the morning (I am thankful for an understanding roommate). Be warned! But it is so worthwhile.

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