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This weekend saw the celebration of the life of my sister. And what a wonderful celebration indeed! We partied according to our unique style, incorporating all the things we value–which means nephews and coffee and cooking and Hobby Lobby and on-sale clothes. And if that wasn’t enough to make the weekend wonderful (despite my muscle spasm which my physical therapist has already begun course-correcting), then Sunday should have been the frosting on my cupcake. The worship service followed by an afternoon of conversation, laughter, and (you guessed it) coffee. Yet, this was not all I was blessed with. The weekend extended for Columbus Day.

It was supposed to be another work day for my parents. My dad was going to get up early, go to the family farm in Topsfield, and bring home some wood. But, instead, he and my mom moved those labors to a different day. They stayed home. And it felt like we were back on vacation together once more.

At a little before 8 AM, I woke up from my Benadryl-induced stupor (for some magical reason it helped with my tight muscles) to the sound of my father’s laughter. It put me on the right side of the bed and I hurried downstairs to enjoy freshly-brewed coffee and warm cinnamon-buns and episodes of a television show that make us laugh. Then we ventured into the universe to have lunch together and to (be still my beating heart, my dad wanted to…) go shopping. It was a wondrous weekend. As I get back to real life, I am grateful for the strength and encouragement of family.

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