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I’m working on the final stages of my novel. So–to make sure everything ties together with a little bow–I find myself doing nearly constant research with my previous books. And today I had a good laugh, because I discovered a document entitled Bloopers. All I can figure is that during the backbreaking work of editing Xsardis, my mother/editor and I went a little bit crazy. We created a Blooper Reel of editing mishaps, misunderstandings, mis-writing, and snarky (albeit well-meaning and well-received) comments.

Take, for example, this comment from my editor and chief: “Doesn’t this person have a name? Call him a small elephant if you want, but give him a name!”

Or this one: “Why did coloring help her use a slingshot?”

Or this encouraging word: “It’s probably written right. You just can’t read.”

Or how about these completely random and I-can’t-quite-see-how-they-are-relevant comments: “Pant girl!” and “I think you need a chicken in this story” and “Put a skirt on a continent.”

Hmm… What does it all mean? I can see how I could mis-write “asked us to flee” as “accessed a flea.” I can even see how my poor description of someone’s downcast eyes as “his eyes fell down” could leave my mother with the impression that the eyeballs “rolled out and dropped onto her shoes.” But the rest? Well… Let’s just say that what happens in the editing room should probably stay there.

In the pursuit of a refined novel we’ve pinned each other to the wall to discover how to break free; we’ve chucked paper at each other to get out angst; we’ve drank too much coffee; arm-wrestled for who is going to read; and had some minor mental breakdowns when I need to get a sentence just right and she wants to discover if a character lives or dies (really, why is she so impatient?). But, all in all, as evidence by the Blooper Reel, my editor and I have had a glowing good time doing it. So I’m looking forward to round 5 with the Lure of Lemons… That editing process will come sooner than I think.

Ps. If you can’t tell that I absolutely ADORE my mother and that we have a fabulous working relationship, you really need to read this blog more often and get to know me better… She’s awesome.

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One of the best parts of movies in my opinion is the blooper reel. You really get to see the personalities of the actresses and actors. You get to laugh and share in the behind the scenes movements. I imagine that after a day of stressful scenes, the cast themselves enjoy sitting back and remembering the goofiness.

With my deadline to print bearing down fast, college surrounding me and the sickness I’ve been fighting, laugh-filled moments have been few and far between–each day offering a little less. Today was especially crazy. Call after call after email after email after edit after edit, all the while mixing school in and organizing the different facets of both publishing and writing the book. Challenging days are okay! But it leaves one worn down.

So my roommate and I (thank you Sarah!) escaped to a wonderful little coffee shop called Jamestown Coffee Company–a wonderful environment, despite the fact that I’m sitting next to a picture of a crazed monkey (minus that, the whole place is classy, comfortable and nice)–to drink incredible coffee and work on whatever (for me, editing; for her, homework and getting a job). As I came to some forgotten word in my review of Asandra and realized just how drastically it changed the meaning, I leaned over and shared it with Sarah. She laughed, I practically fell over laughing and it did my heart good. I felt like I was living the author blooper reel. That kind of thing is rarely shared because writers know how to bury evidence of their word-filled failures, but I thought I’d confess and just say: blooper reels are good!

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