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I woke up this morning and tried to make coffee. Tried and failed. My mother saved me, fixing the pot and pouring me a new cup. Then I hastened out the door for my friend’s (Josh Alves’) book signing in Downtown Bangor. The CoeSpace storefront he had rented made the perfect backdrop to my illustrator/writing ally’s reading and signing of Lilly Bristol, Dinosaur Wrangler, And The Town A Tyrannosaurus Wrecks!

book releaseIt was nice to be the guest for a change, to be able to support someone else, to see so many new and old friends, to mix and mingle like a native–which I guess I am. Throughout college I was so busy that I never really felt connected to my hometown. All that is changing.

One of the coolest things about the signing was that Josh not only signed. He also drew a doodle for each of us, with a special message included. Mine was a star–a tribute to the constellation Orion and my own book, Mark of Orion. What a neat touch! It makes me wish I could draw…

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The day has arrived, folks! Mark of Orion is finally available for your reading pleasure. It has been two years since my last book release, but it seems like just yesterday we were doing all this for Xsardis.

IMG_20131115_140209_737I am sitting at my kitchen counter with a million curlers and bobby pins in my head, putting together Power Points and playlists and generally organizing. It has been a surprisingly smashing day…

My New York Sister Julie spent the morning running errands with me. We got coffee, caught up, printed tickets, bought more than a dozen lemons (to the odd looks of the guy at Sam’s Club), previewed the ballroom, and came home. Then I was passed over to my mother for food, beauty treatments, and more plotting. Eventually I got some down time to practice my speech, organize my thoughts, and blog.

Maybe it is the nature of a good day that puts me in a freer mood. Otherwise, I am not sure I ever would have posted a selfie (I think this is my first)–let alone a selfie of me in curlers! “Hello, inner-child. I missed you in all the craziness,” I think.

So, friends I know and friends I don’t, may you enjoy this November 15. Here in the frozen north, it is a wonderful occasion for gathering, slipping into unusual masks, and dancing our hearts out to the beat of Waltz music. Wherever you are, enjoy your inner-child and you’ll be celebrating with us in spirit.

Countdown to Mark of Orion: 0 days.

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Despite my tendency to visit Christmas music a bit earlier than I should, I am not ready for all the holiday commercials. Maybe after my book release. Can you believe it happens in just nine days? Nine days! I have this mix of anticipation, total dread, and unawareness. The latter is necessary to get anything done each day. Like my NaNoWriMo challenge.

Many writers choose to utilize a three-fold routine. On any given day they may work on three different novels at three starkly different points. 1) Draft of Novel A. 2) Content Edit of Novel B. 3) Grammar edit of Novel C. Me? I know that should be my strategy, but, somehow, there never seems to be time for multiple parts of a job. So I focus on one task at a time.

This means that at the end of Stage 3 I must jump into the long-forgotten Stage 1–which uses a completely different side of my brain. It is hard from going to ‘as-close-to-perfection-as-I-am-going-to-get’ to ‘awful-terrible-no-good-draft’. A word of encouragement: drafts are meant to be rough. Let them be and love your story anyway.

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Piling all four siblings and two nephews into Sister Kate’s RAV4 for a drive to the coast makes for some epic memories, plenty of laughter, and good conversation. I like the place in life we are as a family. It is not often you are aware of a good season when you are in it. Saturday in Bar Harbor it was impossible to miss.

My sister Julie came home from New York for a short visit this weekend. We journeyed with the entire biological

Bar Harbor

family (including my nephews, but sadly not including my siblings’ spouses) to Bar Harbor. Surprisingly enough, it was my first trip to the coast this year. We drove to Cadillac Mountain, then followed my nephews wherever they led us as they enjoyed the view and the wind and the freedom to roam. Elder nephew is so fast now that four adults took turns running after him. When I was lucky enough to have my turn, he still outpaced me. Seeing the world through a child’s eye is like seeing it for the first time–its beautiful, wondrous, and never boring.

Then yesterday in Mardens I got to chat with a couple of kids. I know them in passing, but the connection is really that they have read my books. Seeing their glow, hearing their excitement, and feeling the overflow of jubilee at the thought that they could come to my upcoming book release was plenty to remind me why I love my job. To bring joy to children is one of the best things in the world. Between them and my nephews, I have had a full dose of childhood implanted once more. Which I think is healthy for any person, but especially for authors of juvenile fiction. I never want to lose the sparkle of youth.

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It seems like when my posts have been absent I always come back to you and say that I have been sick. And every time, including this one, it has been true. But the expectant fans of Asandra have no need to fear for things are progessing along rapidly for the November release date–largely thanks to the incredible efforts of my mother, manager, assistant, editor and friend, Judy.

Issym is now available for purchase at Borders in Bangor, Maine. Asandra will be there as soon as it is released. The book signing will be November 26–Black Friday–from 9-1(tentative) at Lambs Book and Bible. We are still hoping to hold a book release event sometime that weekend for friends, family and interested members of the local community. Asandra’s cover is almost finished and is looking great. I was very excited to see a draft and am flying back to Maine to meet with the illustrator next weekend.

I was also asked to come in as a guest speaker for a media class that I took as a student last year. This is a thrilling time, indeed! And although everything seems to be going well I am not saying that it has been or is easy. Mixing college and company is not simple. It takes dedication and the ability to say no to a lot of fun stuff. It takes late nights, early mornings, short lunch breaks and no restful Saturdays. It takes persevering through your paper and then your next chapter, while answering an email that you might not want to answer well into the early hours of the morning (I am thankful for an understanding roommate). Be warned! But it is so worthwhile.

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