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The Pirate fans brought their brooms to PNC stadium today, hoping to sweep the Boston Red Sox. Thankfully, we won the game four to two, with as many errors for the two baseball teams. That made the record of the games I have seen 3 to 1. Pretty good.

My father and I jumped in my little car this morning and followed my GPS in the strange Pittsburgh traffic that was well beyond our Mainer-skill. It did not help that my GPS decided it could not understand downtown traffic, but between his brain, my brain and its brain we made it to the stadium an hour and a half early. It was really awesome to get to watch Becket and Crawford sign autographs for fans and see Lester talking on the field.

The game had much less energy without my long line of family surrounding me, but it was still a lot of fun. If only I could express the joy people had when David Ortiz got up and hit a ball into the river–unfortunately a foul ball–or that when our closer, Papelbon, got up to finish the game for us! Afterwords I drove with my uncle, Matt, to Outback steakhouse. We talked about life, love, family, past, future. It was great to connect. Tomorrow we leave early in the morning and head back to Maine, but this vacation has certainly ended on a wonderful note.

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