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I cannot quite peg myself as introvert or extrovert. I know people who would have definite impressions on the matter, but–inside–I know that this is yet another category where I do not fit well on one side or the other. I have heard it said that you can tell which you are by how you recharge. Do you restore yourself by being alone or by being with other people? Truthfully, both. And if I don’t get both–often in equal measure–I am likely to unravel.

Often, my best learnings and calmings come from solitary moments with my laptop. When characters grown from life experience with other people and lessons whispered in the dark by God finally make their way into a cohesive, understandable context on the pages of a story I write. This is where I soar. These blissful moments are most often achieved at times when I have simultaneous access to inner-silence and the energy of life. See, I find my best restoration in the steady beats of Lindsey Stirling coming through my headphones as I sip bitter coffee in the corner of Starbucks, hoarding an outlet to the disapproval of other writers and students. And when I leave, I leave refreshed.

Introvert? Maybe. Extrovert? Maybe. Both? Probably. Weird? Definitely. Me? Completely. And that’s good enough.

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