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Home again, home again. I smiled like a fool as I drove down Union Street today in pursuit of Bangor’s best and cheapest notebooks. Words have begun bubbling up inside of me and, surprisingly enough, I have found the urge to write them instead of type them. I never last very long with the hand-written format, but it can maintain the creativity that would be otherwise lost in the few seconds it takes to pull open my laptop.

I popped into the office today, just because I wanted to see my mom. I guess all this thinking has finally started leading me somewhere because we landed in the middle of an hour and a half business meeting. Now we are ready to take on the promotion of my next book and, starting this week, begin editingĀ Mark of OrionĀ and plan my next tours and steps. I would be lying if I denied my nerves for the work of these next few months, but I am also eagerly anticipating flexing these ‘business’ muscles I earned a Bachelor’s degree to obtain.

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