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I’m done! At 112,405 words, my first draft is a completed success. (Please note, I was aiming for 85,000-90,000 words.) I stayed at Starbucks for over five hours, indulging in the caffeine buzz from two grande iced coffees. The Gold Card with its unlimited refills combined with the quiet late-night atmosphere to make Starbucks the perfect place to write away the hours. But, eventually, my sense of overstaying one’s welcome drove me to Tim Hortons where I drank hot coco to keep warm and enjoyed the idea of an all-night cafe were I could keep working until the project was finished.

There are three narratives in my story. Marcus and Cressa’s were intertwined so they were easy to finish up at the same time. Otis’, however, proved a touch more difficult. There was a fierce temptation, as the night waned on, to call it quits when the major story arc–Marcus and Cressa’s–was completed. Especially when Otis and his fellow characters seemed to stubbornly resist giving me any clue as to their climax. But, in the end, victory was that much sweeter for keeping on.

It was a little after 10 PM when I finished, but it was after 1 AM when I finally fell into bed. The energy of the writing has my mind buzzing. I see a truck and find its fictional back-story rolling through my mind. I find myself looking for my next scene in the kitchen. And my creativity is already plummeting deep into the fairy tale I have had on the back burner since late February.

What’s next for me? Editing will come, but I think I will first roll around in the freedom to write whatever I want. For a little while at least.

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