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Draft a flyer, edit it, review it, send it to Kate, Kate works on it, she sends it back, review the flyer, print a copy, save onto thumb drive, drive to Staples, discuss, then print, purchase and design labels, buy envelopes, drive back, fold flyers, stuff envelopes, put on labels, address the envelopes, take to post office, pay for stamps. The End! Woohoo! So many little steps, each costing money and taking time. It adds up quickly. Really, when starting a business, OVERESTIMATE! I did by almost a thousand dollars and used that up before the printing was done. And just plan to give up all your free time.

I could say that my $130 project of sending out flyers to the Columbia area (telling them that I am a speaker and would be happy to come to their church) was not a good use of money–I probably overpaid. And as far as advertising goes, it probably wasn’t. But for me, it is not all about money and smart business choices–although those are important. This is my ministry–especially the speaking. And when God calls, it is worth anything to follow that calling.

In all honesty, that has not been easy lately. The vigor that I started out with ran out a few weeks ago. While I was barreling through doors that would not budge, very few people from the ‘Christian community’ seemed to be supporting. It seemed and seems like an impossible task. But that’s okay! It is okay for the task to be daunting, for the going to get tougher. When it happens in your ministry it is okay to feel overwhelmed. But God is still good and He still takes care of everything. The illusion is that anything is possible without Him.

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