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The Energizer bunny in me was ticking last night, even though I knew we were leaving at four this morning for our fourteen hour drive home. When I awoke I could not have been more confused. Since I have been writing better at night, my mental clock has gradually shifted to going to bed later and getting up later. From waking at 9ish to waking at 4ish was a big jump.

Groggily I packed and made it to the car. It took us a while to figure out how to escape Pittsburgh since the bridge we wanted to use was closed down, but once we got on the highway I completely zoned out and awoke only when tempted by coffee. I have not had coffee in far too long! It tasted delicious. The drive was less arduous than I had expected. I was reading a new book that drew me in with a strange style and unique characters. I finished it a few moments ago. The first two hundred pages were wonderful and then… I cannot believe I wasted a day on that book.

Imagine you think you are reading a thrilling government conspiracy novel with incredibly self-sacrificing characters. Then at the end you discover that it was about aliens and that your heroes are selfish bimbos. That is how this book felt. It was pretty funny actually, but I don’t think I was supposed to be laughing. I try not to tear apart other authors work but I guess I am a critic.

By the time we got home, my brother’s family and my sister’s family were waiting with chinese food. It was really great to see my nephews, hang with my siblings (both the blood-related ones and their spouses), relax out of the car with my parents, and tell baseball stories to the three-year-old. Now my Red Sox hat lives atop the head of one of my first inspirations–Flibbert the frog. Countless tickets and maps await scrapbooking on my desk. My brain is teaming with new ideas for writing and business, new goals for school and the postponed (but not dead) book tour and high hopes for a Young Christian Writers’ Guild it looks like I will be helping to get started in the area.

I have come back from vacation refreshed and ready to go. Here’s hoping that my energy lasts!

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