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Life is a competition. At least, that’s how we seem to act–especially us over-achievers. We attempt to find our worth in our accomplishments, in how we rank ourselves in our culture or how our society ranks us. Now, we really should try to do our best in life, but it is a lie to believe that our worth comes from how talented we are.

Those who chose to live in the spotlight find an extraordinary pressure from even the most well-meaning of observations. As an author/speaker I know this to be true. If we are not the biggest fish in our pond, we panic. And when we move into a bigger pond, we panic again.

It’s a standard we cannot live up to. Trying to ‘earn’ our way into worth simply will never succeed. There is always a bigger fish, a more talented person, a more famous entity, a mistake that slipped in past all our careful plans. And if we judge our worth only on our accomplishments we are going to be really frustrated and broken in life. As I have matured I have learned to let go of this false perception–though it still slips in from time to time. I now recognized that my worth is found in God’s incomprehensible love for me. It gives me an incredible freedom.

If I write, it’s not to prove that I’m the best juvenile fiction writer in Bangor or Maine or the US… it’s because God gave me a love of writing, I discover Him in it, and I enjoy and find purpose in the labor. If I speak, it’s not just to pay bills or show the world that I am involved in ‘ministry’ as the modern church understands it. For there is as much value–if not more–in the daily lives of real people displaying Christ before the world as there is in my book touring. No, if I speak it is because I am compelled to, because I value others, and because I have a message that needs to be spread.

I need to remember that life is not a competition. I do not need to, I should not, measure my worth or ‘success’ by comparing myself to others or by listening to the praise/criticism of others. If I am pursuing and following God’s will for my life then my life is fulfilling for that very reason. Perhaps in accepting that, we can all find a bit more joy in our labor.

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