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There is nothing quite like the smell of basil. Nor is there much better than walking into a kitchen full of the smells of baking.

An unexpected snowday was much appreciated. It kept my New York sister, Julie, home another day. It also brought in my local sister, Kate, to my house as her husband spent the day plowing. It canceled our trip to church and left us with a bit of free time. So we watched a black-and-white movie and enjoyed the rest. At one point in the day it was the six original Hodsdons in the house all by ourselves. It was strange not to have spouses or children and yet all of the original family. Felt like we were walking into the Twilight Zone–only in a good way.

Together, we girls made breakfast (including donuts with our new donut-maker) and I baked for tomorrow’s New Years’ Eve party. Kate asked me why I was so passionate about baking. I guess I had never thought much about it, but now that I have I find the self-dissection interesting. I love turning on the music, having thinking space, doing something purposeful, watching something new come to life, and sharing it with others. I love cooking. Guess you learn something new about yourself everyday.

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Here is the picture of the cake I made in the microwave last night. It cooked in under ten minutes. This afternoon’s project was to make peanut butter frosting and then frost the cake–something I have never been all that great at. (The chocolate chip squares, for the record, are already half eaten.)

As a kid, I would envy how my sister applied herself to learning how to cook from my mom while I was content with Easy-Bake-Ovens and microwave treats. (My sister was four years older and four years more dedicated to everything than I was.) But for right now, those microwave recipes are all I need!

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“I’m Jessie Mae,” pause for an answer. “What’s your major?” pause for an answer and a return question, “What’s your’s?” “Business,” pause for an answer. “Where are you from?” pause for an answer. Interject that I am from 20 hours away (without stops) in Maine. Sometimes we will delve a little deeper, depending on the situation and if the personalities mix or clash. This has been pretty much the conversation for the last three days between all the students. The shallow water is already getting old, but it will not take long before we will be in the deep end.

Once again I am surrounded by distinct characters: a photographer with a talent for acting (he had us all convinced that he was part of the senate here at CIU and the head of the cooking department. Everyone wanted to join even after we found out it was not real), a jersey girl, a sweet next-door-neighbor (who is coming over for coffee and Lucky Charms tomorrow morning before all of the freshmen head to some kind of beach/camp thing. I will be driving and she will be my co-pilot), an easy-to-get-along-with (blessing from God) roommate, a poet, a resident life director with a dry sense of humor that reminds me so much of my brother, Charlie… My mind is already percolating with new characters and plotlines and different twists on old ones. (That is what will make it so hard to stay focused on Asandra, which has a lot of editing left if it is going to be done by November.) I love drawing on inspiration of life! I love the feeling of imagination at work.

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