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FAQs 7

Question: How does copyrighting work?

Answer: We touched briefly on this in FAQ 6, but I wanted to give you a little more information. It is always better to go through the US copyright website and safeguard your work. It can cost as little as $35 to copyright a book and takes less than an hour. Small cost for greater protection.

But the truth is that the second you put your work down on paper it is copyrighted. It is your property. No one can take it away. Copyrighting makes it official–harder to challenge. And if you do have to take your rights to court, if you win you will get legal fees (if you have gone through official copyrighting channels). So overall, copyright your work once your finished, but don’t be afraid to share it before it is.

Bonus: As added protection, save each draft copy of your book separately. That way you can prove the progression of the novel.

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