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After that hurried post of a Friday afternoon life got slower and sweeter. I returned to my roots of Maine Bible Quizzing, to be hugged to death by loving teens and smiled at until the world beamed as a happy place. My high school mentor lit up when I told her about the possible trip overseas, adding to the courage my mom and friend Amy had been instilling all day. It was Sister Kate who finally pushed my brain from ‘oh-my-goodness-I-can’t-do-this’ to ‘oh-my-goodness-I’m-going-to-Paris!’ So I spent the weekend dreaming. Dreaming of taking a train from Paris to Venice or landing in Tel Aviv instead of my original destination. Of scuba diving and visiting Jerusalem and taking a ride on a hot air balloon. Of course, the trip will probably end up a simple version of what it started out to be, but the dreaming has been fun.

Hopefully the next time I talk to Sister Julie about this trip I won’t accidentally hang up on her. Or hit the ‘Pandora’ button on my phone so that Michael Buble starts serenading me with Christmas carols. Maybe, I’ll be daring and step far outside my comfort zone and into the Middle East. Maybe, we will buy the tickets. Maybe.

See, I don’t want to look back on my life and find that I am the kind of person who said no to opportunity. I want to say yes. Even to big, scary opportunity.

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Sometimes a moment is too beautiful to drink in completely. Like in this photo when my younger nephew actually (be still my beating Younger Nephewheart) wanted to snuggle up with me for a picture. To see his real smile throughout the night whenever he realized that he had captured my eye was enough–right there–to validate me. Forget the rest of the gala. Family is a simply wonderful thing.

And it is especially wonderful to watch family grow. To see the struggle to define myself and refine my extended-relationships sharpen into something that is honest, rugged, handsome, sometimes messy, ever-inspiring, and always worth it.

Oh, life, you are painful and devastating at times, but your heights are worth your depths. My I never lose courage to face your monsters and soar to new places.

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