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Pulling into the CIU parking lot caused my stomach to do flip-flops as if I was at the top of the Griffin ride at Busch Gardens (on this ride they hold you at the top of the coaster for several seconds and let you stare down at the world). This morning, the excitement causing the flip-flops in my stomach is even greater than before. Today I get to hang with my roomy and set up our room and start orientation. I cannot wait.

People at home would ask me if I was going to have a job while I was at college and I would think, “I run a publishing company, I write books, I am a youth speaker, and I’m going to do all that (which is three jobs, by the way) at college (which is a job). What more can I do and still do things well?” Cutting back is not quitting or copping out. Knowing your limits is important. I know my limits. At home I worked some, did high school and ran my company. But Rebirth Publishing’s tasks are expanding, the Xsardis Chronicles are taking more time and I need to be a good student (and, as my parents have reminded me, I should have a social life too).

So here we go. Down the Griffin, through the mist and into the wonderful world of Columbia International University!

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