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I have lost yet another piece of scrapbook paper in my quest for writing. There is nothing to help an illustrator see inside my mind like a picture and there are no pictures like scrapbook papers. So as I met with Ande Binan today I brought along one of my favorite scrapbook backgrounds, willing to sacrifice it in pursuit of a beautiful cover. Looks like it is going to be worth it.

It was good to be back in Davinci Signs today working alongside Ande Binan (who designed Asandra’s cover) to discover Xsardis’ cover. I say the smallest thing from my book and he (with his incredible mind) sees it. He explains something he sees and its get my writing juices flowing. I think I actually learned about the book in designing its cover. More with Xsardis than the other two books, I am seeing that the cover is more than a snazzy scene from the book to grab readers; it is part of who the book actually is. Designing a cover is like seeing ultrasound pictures for the first time. It is a beautiful and exhilarating thing as what I have carried around purely inside my head I can now begin to see.

After my mom/manager and I left Davinci Signs, we headed to My Fork, talking business and planning the book release party. For the last few months I have been flying solo (and so has my mom/manager) as I did what I had to do (and she did what she had to do). It is awesome to see the team coming back together. This afternoon I rewrote a scene that explains so much of the legend of Xsardis and really brings the three books together. But there is a lot of heartache involved in that scene. I felt so empty as I finished it. Yet, the bittersweet connection I have to the characters of Xsardis is a really good thing. My writer’s block exists when I lose touch with the personalities of the characters. Now, the different facets of publishing are starting to move towards a clearer goal!

November, here we come!

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There is this little sports restaurant called My Fork beside Bangor Maine’s dollar theater. A friend took me last night (Vaylynne from Asandra). She and I spent three hours just sitting and talking. It was so good to get to catch up with my old friend–more like sister–, to laugh, to tell stories, to dream. We have been close for a decade and I can still taste the days when we could do anything because we believed we could. I was the domineering leader; she the effective right hand, who could tackle anything that stood in our way. There was no task too great for my mind to dream and her will to accomplish. To this day she lets me dream and helps me accomplish. Most likely she will be joining me for a large part of my book tour as co-pilot and body-guard…

As we sat talking, I was so absorbed that  I did not notice as a guy came over to our table. And then I recognized him. It was Ande Binan of Davinci Signs, who designed Asandra’s amazing cover. It was so good to talk to someone from my business world. Sometimes, being so possessed by college homework I feel very disconnected from the beat of the publishing world. The kids I spoke to at McGraw got me back into writing; Ande got me back into publishing. He’s a great guy and fabulous to work with. If you need signs or trucks painted or book covers, check out his website: http://www.davincisigns.net/

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