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Today is Younger Nephew’s fourth birthday. Four. Really? Wow. In honor of him, we journeyed to Middle Earth (otherwise known as Dennys). I thoroughly enjoyed looking through the Hobbit-themed menu, though I ordered more traditionally: a Belgian waffle with all sorts of yummy sides. And Younger Nephew received his favorite chocolate chip pancakes, along with an array of lovely treats from our wonderful waitress who really made the occassion special.

I love December. I love the random occassions to get together, stacked on top of each other until you don’t feel the absence of your family in the few quiet moments becasue they are around more than they are not. Yes. Sweet December. So let the snow fall, the productivity plummet, and the family reconnect.

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Regrettably for my parents, not one of their children has managed to keep their birthdays straight. It’s not our faults, really. The dates are back-to-back. The 14th and the 15th. Easily inverted. Especially when you add family birthdays on the 13th, the 17th, and the 20th. Throw in Christmas, New Years, and my brother’s anniversary, all following on the figurative heels of Thanksgiving, and December becomes one giant month of cake. Not to say that is a bad thing.

There was something special about heading into the theater to see the Hobbit Saturday night. We said “Happy birthday, Dad” on the way in (9:30)and “Happy birthday, Mom” on the way out (12:30). We ate stir-fry for him Saturday and on Sunday braved the storm and ate lunch out to celebrate her. And in between all these festivities my mom and I (with Sister Kate on Sunday) baked for two days straight. I am not sure it is humanly possible for a family our size to eat the number of cookies we have in production for the holidays. We shall try nobly anyway.

And so it is that Christmas and snow are upon us. I am thankful for a coat that literally zips up above my eyebrows and for a family to play with and love with and celebrate with.

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And so December begins. It is hard to believe a whole year has flown by already. Hard to believe that all that has happened in the time. Thankfully my back is feeling a bit better today. My brain still is about the consistency of jello, but hopefully by Monday I will be fully functioning again (especially since I have college deadlines).

I tried to edit today, which did not exactly work. I am at the point where I need to sit down and work with the manuscript several hours a day to make any real progress. Unfortunately, that is simply not in the schedule. Perhaps I will give up editing for a while, take the break my brain needs, and give my focus to the novel after I graduate. As a writer I have not quite figured out whether it is better to beat my brain into uncreative submission for editing, or wait until the moment is right or the deadline closer. There is still plenty to learn about my chosen profession! But I like the learning curves…

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