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One of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received came outside the holiday season.

Parents of my teenage fans have taken to emailing me pictures. The images capture a precious moment: their kids unwrapping my book on birthdays and holidays. Seeing the pure thrill on their faces, captured by moms with quick fingers and the foreknowledge that Mark of Orion would be the favorite, is awesome beyond words. As a writer, it is rare to get to share in those moments behind closed doors. Granting me a glimpse into the lives of their children, these parents have touched me beyond my power of words to express.

Yes, there is a certain sweetness that comes with pursuing your calling/dream.

I was thinking this morning… Okay. I was telling my reflection (we talk a lot) that the only dream worth pursuing is one that impacts others. That is not to say that the dream cannot start within yourself. I began writing because it was a wicked, wicked fun way to pass the time. But over time the dream has become something more. I write to impart some learning, to cause those excited moments captured in the images, to present beauty and hope and joy to a world devastated by the fall of man.

So thank you. To all of you who have shared a part of yourself as you share a part of me. To those who write or speak words of encouragement into my life.  To those daring enough to tell me what you learned, what made you laugh, what made you cry, and what changed your life. To those of you willing to ask questions and get inside my head. To those of you who have become a part of the story because you are a part of mine. Thank you. Thank you for letting me share your moments.

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