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Why is it easier to blog than to work on my novel? I cannot really say. Except that with every few hundred words I write here, I have the privilege of hitting the word: Publish. Whereas, with my novel, ‘publish’ will not be an option until many more months of labor have been inserted. Oh, yes, and several thousand dollars.¬†Nevertheless, I do make progress on my novel. And with each word I dutifully type into the Word document I get just a little bit closer to finishing.

Some novels are hard to write because you lack inspiration. Others, because you lack focus. Still others, because you lack incentive or experience. But a select few novels… These are hard because they hit a little too close to home. They express more of yourself than you meant to share. And going to the computer to type no longer feels like an escape from the every day. No; it feels as if you are reliving your every day.

Now, all along I have protested that this novel has been a painful growth spurt–and I do believe it is. But I am also beginning to wonder if maybe the novel is so hard because it is so much of myself. I can recall writing Asandra¬†(Book 2) and telling my mother that it was too sad. No one would like it. And yet, it was the novel where people began to say, “You let us see so much more of you.” It was the tale that got people really, really hooked to my writing.

So, in truth, the Lure of Lemons may turn out to be the epic failure I fear it will be. Or it may become yet another turning point in my career. Either way, the answer will not be found on this blog or in procrastinating any longer. It will be found in finishing the work and risking myself yet again to share it. The consequences for failure won’t be so extreme; but the rewards for success will be sweet. So I had best get back to drafting…

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I epicly failed today. At sleeping in. At driving. At staying away from hot coffee. At remaining dry. At packing. At just about everything I thought today would hold.

Though the rain had been relatively soft today, I happened to venture out just as the heavens let loose. Merging onto the highway was a bad plan. After breaking and sending my laptop hurdling, I ended up rolling down my window, sticking my head out in the downpour, and waiting for a nice truck to let me in. And while I could have taken advantage of VIP parking at the hospital I thought the rain would not be so bad. By the time I made it inside, the nurse who was to draw my blood just stared at me in awe of how much water my jeans had absorbed. At least I had not dried my hair before leaving home…

So, cutting my losses, I have forgone Starbucks, put back on pajamas, brewed my favorite coffee, and curled up with a blanket. Here’s to a night out of the rain. For all the mishaps, today has actually been a good day. Quiet catch up work at my ‘desk’ and some writing time were exactly what the doctor ordered. It has proven to be a different day than anticipated, but no less successful. I guess that’s a theme I have been learning about.

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