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My duel-blogging system is giving me the freedom to speak both to my personal life and my professional one. So, for writers…

I made a great many mistakes in laying out my Xsardis Chronicles–namely not keeping any kind of definite system for names, descriptions, dates, etc. By far, the worst of these was the mistake of dates. The summer I went to write Xsardis I had major headaches trying to pull together a variety of non-conforming facts into something that made sense. In the end it all worked out: Nadine and Ethelwyn’s story was almost entirely born out of a need to problem solve. But when I began serious work on Mark of Orion I swore I would not make the same mistakes again.

So I have a file folder on my computer dedicated to facts for the Orion Records. I keep my ‘timeline’ doc up and record my every decision. And surprise of surprises I find myself hitting Christmas in the novel a full month earlier than I anticipated. Back to work, imputing snowy scenes and inflatable santas…

Take my advice. Write down your decisions. You will be surprised how easy it is to get lost in the space-time of your book. A character who starts out fourteen, may be twelve by time you reach the end. A blond may turn into a redhead. A one week book may actually involve twenty nights. You don’t want to make these mistakes. Keep notes. Edit carefully.

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