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Sister Kate, my parents, and I piled into my car (whose name is Edgar) and drove to New York for a wedding this past weekened. We picked Sister Julie up and took her the last few hours. Kate and I passed the seven hours on the way to Julie’s house and the seven hours on the way back by crafting. At Soulfest we will be selling fairy dust bottles like the one Rachel wears in the Xsardis Chronicles. After ordering bottles, buying glitter, finding wire, etc., we were ready to begin our efforts just in time for our car trip. We figured would could put the time to use. The bottles are beautiful. Better than my expectations. The car time was passed pleasantly, and I have a product to show for it.

As for the wedding, it was nice. It was good to see family and be hugged by aunts and uncles. As I hugged my Uncle Matt (from Pittsburgh) goodbye, he told me the door was always open to his house. I truly hope to take him up on it this coming fall and extend my Ohio book tour to Pennsylvania.

I thought this post was finished until I read my brother’s recent recollections of his family’s vacation: http://moverethink.blogspot.com/2012/07/vacation.html?spref=fb

He learned that the world could survive without him. Honestly, I was scared of the same thing (that my world would collapse while I was away). Work has been hectic lately and I was leaving for three days without internet to monitor it. I feared that school or publishing might implode in my absence. But God was good and showed me that I can walk away from work and He will take care of things. Rest is a Biblical principal God is teaching me to take to heart.

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