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It has been a full day of catching my breath. From blissful hours spent reading to actually enjoyable editing (editing? fun? who knew?) to mindless Internet research on topics my strange little brain finds interesting, my inner-introvert has been thoroughly coddled. And I am better for it.

The weekend was busy to new dimensions. Highlights include a family viewing of Inside Out, an accidental Carnival experience, and being carted across a muddy stream on my brother’s piggy back ride. In between Father’s Day fishing, my International Sister’s brief homecoming, and massive technical glitches during practice at church (PS. service itself went quite perfectly), I have lost all ground on besting my coffee addiction, earned “kiss-face” from my niece (hint: it’s very slobbery), finished one of the most confusing books I will ever read, and managed to fit in at least seven hours of sleep each night. What more could a girl ask for?

Not much, I’ll tell you. Not much.

Blog Bonus Feature: I’m currently working to build a believable backstory for a character. She/He (I won’t tell you which) is changing sides in a war. As an author who wants the character to still be lovable (otherwise the betrayal will feel cheap or anticlimactic), I am finding this to be a new kind of challenge. I’ll keep you posted and hopefully learn a few things I can share with my fellow writers.

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