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Where have I been? I, who just so recently was getting consistent about writing my blog… Well, perhaps the best way to describe it is that I have been on a ‘thinking’ vacation. I have done plenty, but nothing that could be construed as part of my daily grind. So going out with my dad, meeting new friends, maybe even doing a few chores, going to the gym: yes. Writing, studying, blogging: no. Yet here I am, back, hopefully for good. Sabbaticals from work can be good, but it made me restless.

How did I use the time? For starters, I thought (on my thinking vacation, I know! I felt ripped off too). There was a lot to process and plan and deal with. I think my vacation would have been about two days if I had not gotten sick (the slow kind that you can still function through) and gotten to return to my roots at Bible Quiz over the weekend. It was great to be with the quizzers again. I got hugged more times than I can count. It is a pretty loving group. The migraines started attacking my mornings on Saturday, but God was good and I made it through the tournament with pleasure.

When I was sitting in church on Sunday I felt it: the muscle spasm I loathed. I didn’t even know if I was going to be able to stand up, but I had plans with a new friend (who I had a lovely time with) so I grinned and bore the pain. It is funny how timing works out, because when I was barely able to stand, I finally had the opportunity to socialize in church. Four siblings behind me, in my peer-age-range, and I started talking and they invited me out for lunch. While I already had plans that day, I look forward to spending more time with them. Maybe it was the pain that made me daring, that did not leave me with enough room to be scared to start up a conversation, that gave me a, “If I don’t do this now, I’ll fall over and won’t be able to” feeling. Or maybe it was just my day to fellowship. Better yet, maybe it was God’s way of showing me, yet again, that He is absolute control; that His strength really is enough; that He has good things for me even on hard days; that there sweetness in life. Amen; amen. So be it.

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The last time I was set to release a book, my chosto chondritus symptoms were just beginning to make me miss classes and lose some common emotions–like excitement–as I switched into survival mode. This time around, to be able to feel the thrill of Xsardis’ near-publication is invigorating. I had a meeting set with my illustrator for later this week, but he called and asked if I would come see the draft of the cover today. I was able to take with me not only my mother, but also my sister Kate (who has a VERY artistic eye). It is beautiful. Ande Binan has clearly captured the feel I want for my books and I cannot wait to share it with you all.

This weekend I spent at the Maine Bible Quizzing Kick Off at a campground in Winthrop, Maine. I was an official for the novices, eventually getting to coach the Blue Team’s first year quizzers while my good friend V coached the Red Team’s. It was a very good duel and the kids did great (the Blue Team won!).

But beyond the competition, it was an incredible weekend. It was my first Kick Off as an adult. The kids studied all of 2nd Peter (as did I). They studied, they quizzed, they ate, they worshiped, they learned and–while doing it–all they fellowshiped. They were filled and surrounded by the Word of God. The impact I saw in their lives and that they testified to on Sunday morning was inspiring. I led worship with the help of another guitarist and an amazing djembe (a drum) player. I love worshiping God with people I know and love.

There were ups and downs to the weekend. Even so, sometimes I wish I could just stay in that Christ-moved fellowship, that God-centered worship, that Scripture-filled time forever…

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