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I failed at initiating dialogue between my characters yesterday. But–strangely for me–I succeeded at beginning a developmental outline. I’m thinking I will put my focus there for one more day. NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow anyway. I will begin my effort to write three pages a day as I make my way to New York. My mom and Sister Kate will join me on a road trip to see Sister Julie (perhaps) one last time in the big city.

I can’t say my spirits are high for the trip. The reality that my sister is leaving the country brings tears to my eyes at all the most random times. Even though we will see her a few more times as she journeys home for my book release, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, I’m afraid this will feel like goodbye.

Despite the bittersweet the first of the month will bring, I like November. Tall boots are completely in fashion. Warm coats are finally acceptable. Big movies start encouraging friends to hang out again. November also¬†brings us dangerously close to Christmas. It allows us to celebrate Thanksgiving, search for holiday decorations on discount, and–gasp–listen to Christmas music. It is a wonderful month. It is good to be brought together as a family, to remember the goodness of God as we stare into the innocent eyes of nephews and remember the beauty of Christmases past and praise the King of kings for coming as an infant to save our souls.


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