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Today, without much ado, I direct you to the post I had been hinting to for the Write Over The Edge collaborative blog. This is my take on four common writing myths. Read it here: http://writeovertheedge.blogspot.com/2013/06/writing-myths.html

But since I am taking the time to type a few extra words, allow me to type a few more. As I sit this morning with my laptop trying to finish up the last thirty pages of the edit of my novel, I am struck by how the book has developed. Many times we try to force a label onto a character. Oh, he’s a pacifist. Oh, she’s a gymnast. Oh, they’ll be a couple. And starting off with a concept of who the  characters are and where we will take them is always good. But when we prize realism more than our labels often our characters guide us to places we never knew we could go so convincingly. I did not set about to portray Stockholm. I set about to portray a logical course of events in a young character’s life. But they led me into a perfect description of Stockholm Syndrome (where I had no intention of going). Now there is a deeper meaning to the book, one that is astoundingly natural. My pre-labeling of ‘pacifist’ for the character, in its forced manner, only left him looking weak. I had to allow the character to grow beyond the label.

So start with labels, but free yourself to discover the characters as you write. You never know what brilliant idea they will guide you towards.

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