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For the last three days I have wrestled with a question long plaguing me: What kind of person am I?

It was a few days ago–after I booked my cruise from June 30-July 4 for a sister-get-a-way–that I learned I needed to be in Florida for a July 5th wedding. The possibilities of the trip were limitless, while the constraints were just as limiting. I could not leave until after I got back from my cruise; I have a performance at a fundraising picnic scheduled not long after the wedding; oh, and details on the wedding are just about as scant as they can be. Then add my 21-year-old age making it hard to get a rental car, my need to use my energy reserves wisely as I battle Lyme’s Disease, and my artist-life budget to the mix. I found myself in a daze as I tried to pull together a trip to a wedding I simply had to attend. There are times in our lives when even the impossible must be accomplished for the sake of a friend. And so it was… As an organizer and a planner it is deeply instilled in me that I need to know how things will work out before I do them. For a wedding like this, that’s impossible to achieve. So in all my worldliness I panicked.

It took three days of research, budgeting, calling, talking, praying, and planning; but I finally worked out the details. The trip is far from the exciting vacation in Florida as I had originally thought it would be, but it does meet all my obligations at a price that shouldn’t quite deplete my savings. What I learned: If you can’t do it cheaply, at least do it well.

All the penny-pinching in the world could not have made this trip practical. But, in the end, what kind of person am I? One who hoards her resources like miser? One who retreats because the details are unpolished? Or one who extends myself and the gifts God has granted me for ministry, friendship, and love? I think deep inside me I knew that I was not really freaking out about planning a trip to Florida. While I could not express it, I understood that I was wrestling with a question that would define who I become. And I’m so glad that the struggle is over and the answer is determined. This is how I choose to live: “But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” ~Galatians 5:22-23. I choose to joyfully and peacefully go to Florida to show love, faithfulness, and kindness to a good friend. And with increasing self-control, goodness, and gentleness, I will strive to put panic behind me as I find more trust in following God.

Crisis averted.

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Our house has been buzzing since my grandfather’s passing. Today is the first day I have been able to pull back with a cup of coffee, my heat pack, JJ Heller music, and my writing. As I look back over the last two weeks a lot has happened–even as I have been away from my desk. I have been asked to guest blog in a couple of different places, been invited as a musician to a fundraising picnic for Operation Christmas Child, and have been preparing for the Bible Quiz Retreat this upcoming weekend (which will have me hopping for the rest of the week as I lead worship and guide the event with my mentor and her husband).

“Honey, why would she ever leave here?” my mom’s dad asked her as he stared at how happy I was at home. My grandparents from PA arrived last Monday and left Saturday morning. We played just the right amount of card games, ate good food, and built new steps for our house. Friday we took my nephews to the Cole Land Transportation Museum. I highly recommend it. I have never entered a more tasteful, affordable, well-maintained, non-sterile, and friendly museum environment. The laughing littler nephew and I walked through the museum together. I don’t get to spend much time with him so it was good for my soul. And my grandfather is absolutely right. For the time being this home with its freedom, support, and family is the place where I belong.

Sunday was an unexpected pleasure as we had lunch with my uncle. He’s so rarely in the country and has been so ill that every moment is a blessing. And now I am back to real life–for today at least.Ross and I

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