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Starbucks got pretty fun yesterday. A few of us pulled out the ear-buds and acted like real people, trading jokes, stories, and turns watching laptops. It was pretty awesome. It filled a need in my heart for community–something I feared I was sacrificing when I decided not to attend grad school in Virginia.

And after I had returned home, Sister Kate showed up. We went for an unexpected walk, catching up in about twenty minutes. All of it strengthens me. And I needed some strengthening.

Last night I also attended a Good Friday service. Contrary to the somber affairs I had been accustomed to, this one was lively. It was full of upbeat music and positive thoughts–focusing on the glorious words, “It is finished.” Rescued. Christ’s death rescued me. Living a story full of heartbreak, thrill, adventure, danger, and success that would make a novel jealous, I am fully grateful for that rescue. Christ is my knight in shining armor. The One Who says I never have to be alone. Hallelujah.

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After waking up at my sister’s place yesterday morning I thought it would be a good idea to come back to my desk in the attic so that I could focus and get some work done. It started off as a great plan. My own shower; my own coffee; my own cereal. I was ready to get to work. What I had not anticipated was that a horde of ladybugs would have moved in. I spent the whole day interrupting mid-sentence editing to swat at the latest, bravest ladybug. After a while of them falling on my lap and landing on my desk and buzzing in my window, I decided it was war. I am a ladybug killer.

That said, I did get some good work done on my novel before the end of business day. Then I got to attend at Good Friday service at my sister’s church. It helped me get focused on the significance of this weekend.

At church I was talking with a friend who was home from college. We both marveled at how ‘big’ (we searched for a better word to convey our meaning, but there is really no term than can do God justice) our God is. How He takes care of issues we could not have hoped would resolve; how He gives us what we need when we hardly dare to ask. I found more refreshment in those five minutes with my friend than I did in days on my walk-about. Overall, a very good Friday–despite the ladybugs.

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