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And so I am home.

It is good for me to have a change of scenery, if only to remind me how good home is. This is the first Christmas when I feel like home is a bit scattered. My loves ones are sprinkled throughout the world. My immediate family will gather, but there are others I wish could be with me. I am grateful for the relationships–even the distant ones–that are so important. And leaving home reminds me of just how important these relationships are.

Well, after so much travel, I still have a daunting amount of homework to do before Monday night. Nevertheless,┬áthe highlight of my thoughts is not the battles of Western Civ or the organizational┬ástructure for Knowledge Management. Instead, it is my younger nephew’s costume birthday party tomorrow. I think I’ll go as an Egyptian princess…

I only hinted yesterday as to this week’s Lyme-related appointments, but there really are few enough details with which to update you. Honestly, my brain is a bit swamped with all the information that got passed on. I cannot believe what a battleground Lyme is in the scientific community and how difficult a solution may be. Regardless of the results of our efforts to battle Lyme, I am confident that I serve a great God and Lyme or no Lyme this remains the same.

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