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Yesterday I got back to work. I woke up and started my day by memorizing Hebrews. Breakfast, stretching and writing for most of the day. I took my break a little early with a nap when I realized I was so tired I could not even read. I set my phone’s alarm to wake me up at 4:05 so I could get to the laundry where I was working by 4:45. I woke up at 4:28. My phone had died. And when I got in my car I had no gas. Thankfully, I still made it to work on time. I ordered a pizza from my favorite pizza place that was just next door since tomorrow I start my no-gluten, no-milk diet. Fun, fun. It was delicious!

By the time I got home, I was actually able to let my brain relax because I had worked a full day. I finished another book, watched an episode of White Collar with my mom and went to bed. Somehow I expected to be able to sleep well after such a productive day (I can’t even tell you how much hard work I got done on Xsardis!), but, of course, that was not how it worked. I feel like today is still yesterday since my sleep was more like writing than dreaming. I awoke today expecting to get nothing done with my tired mind. After memorizing Hebrews and saying a prayer for a clear mind, I was able to work on even more challenging Xsardis-material than yesterday!

With so much work done, my mom treated me to a lunch at Olive Garden complete with dessert–my second-to-last real meal for a while. I am actually beginning to look forward to changing up my diet a little… okay, changing it a lot. At least I am not allergic to strawberries! That would be tragic! I spent my morning munching on some freshly-picked ones. Yum…

I sent an email with details to my illustrator today. I organized some of the toughest spots of Xsardis. I stretched (not pleasant, by the way). I sat on my big green exercise ball to write, following doctor’s orders. (Another attempt to correct my multitude of spinal issues.) And I tried the online-music website my sister suggested. Grooveshark. Trust me; try it. Its way better than Pandora! No audible commercials; you can to pick EXACTLY what you hear; and its free!

So all in all another good day! I am so glad to get to be a writer this summer!

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I have lost yet another piece of scrapbook paper in my quest for writing. There is nothing to help an illustrator see inside my mind like a picture and there are no pictures like scrapbook papers. So as I met with Ande Binan today I brought along one of my favorite scrapbook backgrounds, willing to sacrifice it in pursuit of a beautiful cover. Looks like it is going to be worth it.

It was good to be back in Davinci Signs today working alongside Ande Binan (who designed Asandra’s cover) to discover Xsardis’ cover. I say the smallest thing from my book and he (with his incredible mind) sees it. He explains something he sees and its get my writing juices flowing. I think I actually learned about the book in designing its cover. More with Xsardis than the other two books, I am seeing that the cover is more than a snazzy scene from the book to grab readers; it is part of who the book actually is. Designing a cover is like seeing ultrasound pictures for the first time. It is a beautiful and exhilarating thing as what I have carried around purely inside my head I can now begin to see.

After my mom/manager and I left Davinci Signs, we headed to My Fork, talking business and planning the book release party. For the last few months I have been flying solo (and so has my mom/manager) as I did what I had to do (and she did what she had to do). It is awesome to see the team coming back together. This afternoon I rewrote a scene that explains so much of the legend of Xsardis and really brings the three books together. But there is a lot of heartache involved in that scene. I felt so empty as I finished it. Yet, the bittersweet connection I have to the characters of Xsardis is a really good thing. My writer’s block exists when I lose touch with the personalities of the characters. Now, the different facets of publishing are starting to move towards a clearer goal!

November, here we come!

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It seems like when my posts have been absent I always come back to you and say that I have been sick. And every time, including this one, it has been true. But the expectant fans of Asandra have no need to fear for things are progessing along rapidly for the November release date–largely thanks to the incredible efforts of my mother, manager, assistant, editor and friend, Judy.

Issym is now available for purchase at Borders in Bangor, Maine. Asandra will be there as soon as it is released. The book signing will be November 26–Black Friday–from 9-1(tentative) at Lambs Book and Bible. We are still hoping to hold a book release event sometime that weekend for friends, family and interested members of the local community. Asandra’s cover is almost finished and is looking great. I was very excited to see a draft and am flying back to Maine to meet with the illustrator next weekend.

I was also asked to come in as a guest speaker for a media class that I took as a student last year. This is a thrilling time, indeed! And although everything seems to be going well I am not saying that it has been or is easy. Mixing college and company is not simple. It takes dedication and the ability to say no to a lot of fun stuff. It takes late nights, early mornings, short lunch breaks and no restful Saturdays. It takes persevering through your paper and then your next chapter, while answering an email that you might not want to answer well into the early hours of the morning (I am thankful for an understanding roommate). Be warned! But it is so worthwhile.

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