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An array of challenges were set before me when I began Mark of Orion. Chiefly, I had never before limited my perspective to that of two character’s. I had an insanely hard time not jumping from Marcus’ thoughts directly back into Cressa’s. Then, as I tried to add richness to other characters, I found it to be difficult. In this style I could no long enter every character’s mind. As a result of all this hard work, growth occurred. I found a style I liked far more than that I had utilized for my Xsardis Chronicles.

But, today, the point is not perspectives. Today, the point is characters. Marcus is a highly inquisitive teen. He questions everything. Cressa is much more assertive and definitive. I was faced with a challenge. To portray Marcus’ questioning nature I had to downplay all of Cressa’s questions. How? All characters weigh decisions. The answer: simple phrasing.

Instead of, “Will I get sick again when I reenter the mansion?” I wrote, “It is too likely that I will get sick again when I reenter the mansion.” It may seem like a small change. But when perpetuated throughout the novel it leaves a distinct impression that Cressa weighs things while Marcus questions things, that Cressa is assertive and Marcus is passive, and a list of other descriptives I will leave you to uncover when you read the novel this November.

Often it is the simplest change effected over a large portion of text that yields the greatest effect. Character traits are not always ‘love of architecture’ or ‘movie-goer’. Sometimes, they are simple aspects you would see in the real people around you: ‘peace-lover’, ‘go-getter’, or ‘joyous’. Be real with readers–not extreme.

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