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Last night was the Young Christian Writers’ Guild’s second night at Paddy Murphy’s. The first time we had been seated upstairs and even when I was walking downstairs it was too crowded to really notice the feel of the place–which is awesome by the way. Beautiful wood; old church pews for booths; good music… It really does feel like how I envision an Irish Pub.

We had a great time, talking in a more low-key tone as we grow used to each other, dipping in and out of writing and always coming back to it, as we do to our faith. It was really exciting when I heard one of the group (Seth) start using terms from one of the most defining books of my life: Do Hard Things. Most people can’t comprehend why I was so energized by it. Seth seemed just as inspired.

When Seth brought up that he wanted to write the perfect novel, we  joked that he should write a book titled The Perfect Novel. But really, we all have huge literary and life goals. My doctor yesterday morning was harassing me for burning the candle on both ends. I told her there was too much to do in one lifetime. She told me that I was nineteen and implied that I had already accomplished a lot. Yes, she is right. But no, I don’t think there will ever be enough time. Not that I don’t stop to smell the roses, as my wonderful doctor mentioned (I love how she cares for all of me and not just my spine). Writers’ Guild is one. That photo shoot is another. Today I am driving to my mentor’s house–that will be a third.

Although Paddy Murphy’s was much less crowded last night, we happened to sit between the window and a table of a rather loud group of ladies. So, despite the rain, we finally allowed them to drown us out and went for a walk. It was really nice to just see parts of downtown and share memories and hopes and things we were inspired to write about in the architecture and people of the place. Sadly, we lose one of our members next week to college, but we will still have four consistent attendees and we are hoping to pick up a few more. The group is challenging me as an author, a reader and, most importantly, a Christian. That means it is doing its job.

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