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Embraced in a warm, mosture-filled hug I said goodbye to my best friend, my sister, my Kate (to whom Issym is dedicated). I told my parents I loved them and could not watch them go. A nice lady walked with me into my building and gave me enough pleasant conversation so that I could dry my tears. I wanted to be here, I remembered. That did not make it easy to watch what I had just realized was my whole world, what I truly valued (on this Earth) ride away. The students engaged me and I was soon myself. The rest of the day was good. We were kidnapped by our floor leaders and taken to a Sonic (a new experience for me). For the record, I know I am supposed to be here and I am very glad! God has plans for me and I will follow them. The people here are wonderful and the classes will be too. After the fifteen painful minutes of goodbye, I was happy again.

All week, we have been asked to think about leadership. Perhaps that (and the need to recall the past) are what brought out the following random memory:

At a birthday party at McDonald’s as a young child, a friend and I were approached by a younger kid who wanted to be in our club (like we actually had a club!). We asked him to ‘guard’ one of the entrances to the tunnel (it sounded cool. I did not actually mean for the kid to allow no one else down the slide.). He was on a mission and would not listen when we tried to tell him to let others down. It was then that I began to realize that I had a power for good or for evil. And that sometimes that window of influence is very small. By the time I realized that I actually had influence, it was too late to influence for good. I never wanted to make that mistake again!

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