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Starbucks got pretty fun yesterday. A few of us pulled out the ear-buds and acted like real people, trading jokes, stories, and turns watching laptops. It was pretty awesome. It filled a need in my heart for community–something I feared I was sacrificing when I decided not to attend grad school in Virginia.

And after I had returned home, Sister Kate showed up. We went for an unexpected walk, catching up in about twenty minutes. All of it strengthens me. And I needed some strengthening.

Last night I also attended a Good Friday service. Contrary to the somber affairs I had been accustomed to, this one was lively. It was full of upbeat music and positive thoughts–focusing on the glorious words, “It is finished.” Rescued. Christ’s death rescued me. Living a story full of heartbreak, thrill, adventure, danger, and success that would make a novel jealous, I am fully grateful for that rescue. Christ is my knight in shining armor. The One Who says I never have to be alone. Hallelujah.

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Unfortunately, when the FedEx man finally did arrive, he opened his truck to reveal damaged boxes. Oh sadness. The good news is that my printer, InstantPublisher (which sounds pretty tacky, but is actually a fabulous company to work with), has taken the weight of battling FedEx for a recoup of our losses from our shoulders. I am so, so, so, so, so happy about this. Like a true knight in shining armor, InstantPublisher blew all the stress of yesterday away.

So, beyond some unfortunate damages, the novels that are in good condition are in REALLY good condition. The books are thick and beautiful. If I had any concerns about the coloring or, well, anything, they have been put to rest. My beautiful book is just that: beautiful.

We will pass this afternoon in the cold garage listening to peppy music as we sort through the damaged books and make photo documentation. And while it might be painful to have to inspect every book and search for the flaws of my beloved novel, it should actually be kinda cool to spend some time chilling in the fall weather with my mother. Until this project is done, I’m signing off and heading out.

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