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So blogging universe, I owe you yet another apology. Life has been… unusually extreme. It has not left me with any desire to chronicle the last week. All around me, friends and family seem to be battling giant odds. My business has faced a strange disappointment. And my own body decided to catch a virus. Now I return, if only to mark my longing to move on from the mire of the previous days. I have asked myself often in the last few months who I want to be. I think I got a little closer to the answer through all these challenges.

As far as news I can share, I must lament a little.¬†Our lovely children’s festival has been canceled. Not due to any lack of interest. Our library simply could not jump on board as much as they had originally thought. Without them, the event cannot happen in October. Perhaps later in the season. I am disappointed. Yet, even in the event’s destruction, I am learning much. I have found a new passion not to let the obstacles that seem to appear all around us stop me. I will write beautiful books. I will build a publishing company. I will speak. I will pursue my calling. And I will not hide my faith in Jesus.

Now, to be fair, I should break from my lament to point out what a wonderful Sunday my family and I passed together. Playing super hero card games late into the night with my sister, her husband, and my parents is a sure way to relax. Especially since I got rid of my usually nerdy author persona and donned the abilities of a buff giant (my given character). And since I am in the mood to continue this post, I also want to point out that super heroes are not necessarily spandex-wearing men from Krypton. More often, super heroes are men in suits (like my dad who goes to court every day to pursue justice) or European college students who stop long enough to fish a dollar out of their pockets when mine won’t work in the machine (like happened in my school at Columbia, South Carolina–it made my day. I really wanted to do laundry.). They are average joes who are faithful, people who recognize needs and act. They may not be big needs; the heroes may not see themselves as heroes. But they are.

So author or daughter or friend or sister or publisher or acquaintance or leader or follower, I will try all the more to be faithful. A super hero in the little things as well as in the big. Facing giant odds and personal ones, facing tragedy and victory, through it all: faithful.

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