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Every night for the last couple of weeks I put on some music and stretch before I go to bed. I push my muscles just past what is comfortable and, though it may hurt a little, the stretching feels good. My body is glad for the movement. If I don’t push hard enough or keep good form, the stretching really won’t do any good. If I push too hard (especially with my nasty muscles) I could seriously injure myself. The music is like my personal trainer, constantly reminding me to keep going.

The more I use my imagination the more I realize that it is a muscle like any other part of me. It feels really good to exercise it, but it hurts to push past the mental barriers. Music helps me get over the humps of distraction and boredom. If I don’t force my imagination to go deeper and work longer and steadier, I won’t get any better. And if I push too hard my brain goes into overdrive, burns out and I become a walking-zombie.

My imagination works all the time. While I eat, while I walk, while I sleep… like the energizer bunny it just keeps going and going and going. Since I’ve been majorly revamping the ending to Xsardis my imagination has been on a perpetual spin and I blame it for the constant headache that has lodged itself once again in the back of my mind (or maybe I should blame myself for not taking my vitamin D). Basically, I am that zombie. I think its time to learn my limits in how far I can stretch my imagination. I must find a way to shut my brain down at some point in the day. Although I’ve been getting really excellent work done–writing whole new sections that I wouldn’t even attempt before–I also need rest.

That’s my advice for all you fellow authors out there. Find boundaries or your imagination will burn out. And trust me, you don’t want to be a zombie.

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