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I cannot quite peg myself as introvert or extrovert. I know people who would have definite impressions on the matter, but–inside–I know that this is yet another category where I do not fit well on one side or the other. I have heard it said that you can tell which you are by how you recharge. Do you restore yourself by being alone or by being with other people? Truthfully, both. And if I don’t get both–often in equal measure–I am likely to unravel.

Often, my best learnings and calmings come from solitary moments with my laptop. When characters grown from life experience with other people and lessons whispered in the dark by God finally make their way into a cohesive, understandable context on the pages of a story I write. This is where I soar. These blissful moments are most often achieved at times when I have simultaneous access to inner-silence and the energy of life. See, I find my best restoration in the steady beats of Lindsey Stirling coming through my headphones as I sip bitter coffee in the corner of Starbucks, hoarding an outlet to the disapproval of other writers and students. And when I leave, I leave refreshed.

Introvert? Maybe. Extrovert? Maybe. Both? Probably. Weird? Definitely. Me? Completely. And that’s good enough.

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It seemed that I merely blinked and two and a half hours have blown past. My nearly-undiscovered love of business rests largely on a passion for marketing. Which I guess is a good thing, given my field of choice. Pandora’s Lindsey-Stirling-themed station playing bordering-on-techno music in the background, I have been retooling my many websites. Perhaps it is my desire to dodge my own editing that makes me so excited about marketing, but I think more accurately I just love marketing…

Big days for Rebirth Publishing, as we consider where our future leads. I continue to ask for your prayers as I guide my company. After what seemed like yet another blink but was really three months of research, investigation, attempts, and prayer, I am finally ready to sit down with my ‘momager’ (I just discovered that word and I LOVE it! In case there is a less-than-pleasant idea surrounding the word let me tell you that I mean it with the greatest thrill and respect.) and make some decisions. So pray for us. Pray we will keep the right priorities, that we will follow where God leads, that opportunities will be fulfilled in His timing, that I will be patient, and whatever else you feel led to pray for us. We appreciate your support more than words can say.

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So here is the deal. I’ve got a lot of new followers and likes on this blog (thanks everybody!). Since my life story is a bit confusing, I thought I’d dedicate this post to the top ten highlights of who I am and what I do. If you are new, you can catch up without wading through the hundreds of posts I have made on here.

1) After I accepted Christ at age four I discovered an absolute passion for serving Him and teaching others the deeper truths of the faith. I taught the preschool Sunday school class before I had hit middle school myself. I loved it.

2) Creative and athletic from birth, I followed in my three siblings big footsteps to strive for excellence in much; but it took me a while to discover what I was really made for.

3) At fourteen I started playing the fiddle. As my fingers danced along the strings I was looking towards Heaven and an earthly career. Life swept me in a different course. It was when I put down the violin that I really picked up writing.

4) While writing and imagining is something I have always loved, my choice to become an author has much more to do with a calling than with a desire to do something I find pleasurable. After watching my Christian friends ingest trash called teen fiction, and then watching them leave the faith behind, I found my heart aching to reach them in literature, to provide them with something clean, honest, and adventurous to read.

5) When, at fifteen, God called me to take on the challenge of changing literature, I thought He was crazy. But, so clearly called, I pressed ahead. Discovering that a major part of the problem lay in publishing, I established Rebirth Publishing, Inc., at seventeen. My first series of novels, Issym, Asandra, and Xsardis, hit shelves in 2009, 2010, and 2011.

6) In February of 2013 (at 20) I graduated with a Bachelors in Organizational Management. While most people think it is crazy that an author went for a business degree, I am well-satisfied with my choice. All my life I have loved organizing and leading. At times, I find business more fun than writing and often just as creative an outlet. The degree serves me well as I direct Rebirth Publishing.

7) My passion grew until I began speaking and teaching in a variety of settings, showing kids and adults that the time to serve God with the whole heart is NOW. This is one of my favorite, albeit the most exhausting, parts of my varied job. I also lecture on business and writing, and mentor students personally through email and classes.

8) Fun facts: A) I have seriously desired to quit on publishing, writing, and speaking at least a half dozen times. Thanks to God’s steadfast counsel I never did and I now LOVE my job. B) I dabble as a singer/songwriter/guitarist/worship leader too. C) In high school I memorized most of the New Testament. No education ever served me better. D) The perfect writing setting for me involves a good view; my laptop; coffee; maybe a candle; and Josh Garrels or wordless, spunky music (like Lindsey Stirling) playing in the background.

9) As a single gal with a ridiculously supportive family and a network of friends throughout the country, I get to travel a lot for work. What I learn of life on my travels and at home, as well as what I learn from the students I teach, is purposefully crafted into my novels. Ever since Issym, I have determined to share my heart through my writing. You will get to know me in a new way when my next book, Mark of Orion, comes out Thanksgiving 2013.

10) I am on the adventure of life, learning more about the God I love, how He loves me, and how I can love others. It is my greatest joy to serve the King of kings. It is my honor to discover Him in writing, in nature, in music, in organization, in Scripture, in fellowship, and in the quiet and uncertain times of life.

So, there, those are the significantly inadequate highlights of my life. I will leave you with two verses that are my inspiration.

1 Timothy 4:12 (NIV, 1984), “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.

Philippians 3:12 (NIV, 1984) “Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already been made perfect, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.”

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