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On any given day, I wake up sometime after 7:00, head to my parents’ law firm by 8:30, and work until 10:30 for them. Then my mom and switch positions. I become her boss and she my employee. For several hours we do our best to work on Rebirth Publishing and the editing of Mark of Orion. The hope is to leave my afternoons free for concentrated, independent editing/publishing work. And since, on Lyme treatment, I have about six useable hours of energy a day, this provides me with a very limited window for my work. That means we need to be focused, right?

Only, without fail, about halfway through the editing, I start to stammer. My dyslexia has me blurring words together. I am hopelessly unable to concentrate and my tension level begins to grow. What is this mysterious phenomena that plagues me? Hunger.

It’s funny how busy-life and consuming-editing can make you forget even the most basic things–like eating. So, my fellow writers, if you are hitting block one day or finding that your nerves are getting raw or that your creativity is stifling, may I make a suggestion? Check yourself to see if you have done basic things like: eating, drinking, showering, drinking coffee, and having conversations with non-fictional people. Keeping yourself in shape is the best way to keep your writing in shape.

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