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The internet is not always good, but sometimes it is. People who do not know each other can unite to accomplish tasks because of the internet. Heroes in books are thrust into the same circumstances, are forced to bond with each other and then take on the enemy. But now we can choose to collaborate with people we do not know. On that note, check out of the song, Mathew 7. If it gets in the Top 5 views in the contest, its composer, Andrew Cunningham–a fellow rebelutionary, will donate $10,000 to a student-led missions organization. Most heroes have to give months of their lives to a cause. You just have to give a few minutes and be refreshed along the way. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAfych1zWsc

One of the hardest things for my generation of fellow teenagers (and everyone, really) is realizing that it is not okay to be passive. And further realizing that we are actually in a war. The first verse of Mathew 7 talks about problems and questions and selfish impatience–where the typical character starts out. Self-absorbed and yet aware that something is not right. The second verse says, “This is a me generation. I am selfish to the core. I want to put your kingdom first. I want to know you more. There is a battle that’s inside of me. God, I need the key to victory. And looking in Your Word is where I’ve found…” I will let you listen to the song to find the answer in the chorus.

The battle is raging around us and a few people and teenagers (like Andrew Cunningham) scattered across the world realize this. You do not have to step into a fantasy book to make a difference or to wage a war. Its waging around you and you are being drawn into it. Pick up your sword and fight! I may never fight a real dragon like the characters in my book, Issym. And I may never battle alongside a talking frog. But God has put me on this Earth for a unique purpose in a war that has raged for centuries and beyond and I had better do my job. But be encouraged by the chorus of this song because my God is a mighty God, Who is fighting right alongside us and never gives us more than we can bear.

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