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So I’m finally home and still utterly exhausted. Monday morning when I tried to leave Maryland I found that I had been the victim of a white-collar crime and my car had been falsely towed. While that did not make for a fun Monday, my friend Kristi (whom I was staying with) came to my rescue, held my hand through the process, and made sure I got home in one piece. It is nice to have a lawyer for a father, too.

Botanical GardensOverall, my weekend with her was great. Together with another friend we made a trip into D.C.–which was hotter than I had prepared for. There we made an epic feast on McDonalds’ chicken nuggets (a whole forty of them, for which we felt excessively greedy) before walking by Siri’s directions to the Botanical Gardens. While very little was in bloom, it was a beautiful spot to stop and spend some time. We also ventured out to a massive mall, where we saw Oz the Great and Powerful (strange movie, by the by), lapped the mall two or three times (each time is about a mile of walking so we got our¬†exercise.¬† Good thing too, because we ate WAY too much over the weekend.), and joined scores of others in paper crowns to cheer on the jousting at Medieval Times.

Before heading home, I stopped at my sister’s in Nyack, New York for one night. We saw Jack the Giant Slayer in IMAX and stayed up far too late talking. On Tuesday, I could have kissed the ground of Maine when I saw the welcome sign and I just about melted when my dad walked through the door and put his arms around me. Thankfully, this week has been full of family and low-key things, for–as tired as I am from my three week trip–I have not even had the energy to write.

Recently, I was invited by a representative to write about my experience with Lyme treatment in Maine. It was a good outlet for me to discuss what I have learned and experienced, and it is my first real look-back at how my treatment has progressed. I am not sure how or if it will be used, but it certainly felt good to participate in the government by doing more than just voting.

So, this girl is once more appreciating small-town Maine life and loving being back with her family. Certainly, I miss the friends I left behind–especially Baby Isaac–but thankfully these memories will be with me forever.


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