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What are your plans for this Memorial Day Weekend? Perhaps to spend time with family, avoid the rain by slipping into a movie theater, catch up on the housework, or maybe to cuddle up with a blanket and a cup of tea to write? I will be at the Maine Bible Quizzing Retreat in Winthrop so I am sure I will be thoroughly drenched come Monday. Since I will be away and you might be writing let me leave you with one last portion of writing aid.

Perfectionism roams the world seeking to devour unwitting writers. Perfectionism not only gets you stuck in the mud, spinning your tires in a vain hope for escape, but it also vaporizes the joy of your craft. Don’t let it.

Take a stand against perfectionism this weekend. It starts by letting other people–trusted friends or family members at first–read your work. You have to accept that you will never perfect your novel. You can grow it and shape it, but it will always be a product of a human and thereby faulty. You also cannot control what others will think about your work. Fifty people may like it; one may not. Perfectionism makes you hold onto the one negative comment until writing is a labor–not of love.

Very often the difference between published (or self-published) authors and (unpublished) writers is the author’s willingness to look in the face of a novel, admit its faults, and love it enough to share it with the world anyway.

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