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I miss my constant evergreen trees, the truthful sky, wider lanes and less trafficked roads of beautiful Maine! The constellation Orion would typically stand right in-between some trees and my garage so that when I would get back late I would feel as if he was saying goodnight and making sure I got home safe. My nephew’s sweet voice still rings out in my mind and his gentle rubbing of my back when I felt ill–at two years old. My parents workplace four minutes down the road just past Stephen King’s house. Watch out for the tourists! They don’t know how to drive. I miss the lady at Dunkin Donuts and at Angelo’s Pizzeria. I miss my brother’s hugs and my father’s jokes.

Even so dorm life has its perks. Its like inheriting a large group of sisters! I enjoy a fast-paced life and I certainly have that. I am getting to know a different culture–helpful for broadening my writing perspective. I found a church home, I think, which is awesome to get connected with. And anyone from Maine can comprehend how nice it is to be sweating in shorts every day at the end of September.

When you go off to college, just be cautioned: it will not be what you were expecting. It could be better or it could be worse but things level out. If not from your classes or chapel or church or friends, just from living on your own in a new environment you will learn a lot. Hang in there!

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I am quickly adapting to my new environment and beginning to feel like this is home. I absolutely adore my roommate. My next-door-neighbor is so sweet. Today all the freshmen and transfer students went to a camp for swimming and outdoor activities. I thought I would die of the heat and there was a girl who had injured her foot so we decided we would come back to school after spending a few nice hours at the lake. I pulled into my parking space, unlocked my apartment, did my dishes (again. How can they keep building up?), did some Rebirth Publishing stuff (like drafting a letter to the Asandra Insiders. You can subscribe by emailing asandrainfo@issym.com), read a book–Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Titan’s Curse–(because I know my limits and it was time for some rest) and fell asleep. Later, my roommate and I teamed up with three guys I did not know and had a non-stop laughing, running, playing and doing stupid stuff evening scavenger hunt, followed by smoothies and a game of egyptian ratscrew in the student cafe with all the other freshmen and music blaring (I won the card game for the first time ever!). I came back to my room (my key to the building is not working so, for the record, not all adult stuff is fun or easy) and it felt like home. Home. I miss Maine, but I am glad to be here.

My morning coffee date with my next-door-neighbor turned into a hall party. Tuesday night I will be watching Psych with another girl on my hall. The waffle-maker is out in the cafeteria and I am out of the mostly shallow water (but if anyone else calls me just Jessie and not Jessie Mae, Jess, Jessica, etc, I think I will scream!). I am home.

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