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The white-board continues to prove an effective tool for dealing with plot-line issues. I am at the turning point in the book so I continually return to outlining and dry-erase markers… It amazes me how different a novel this is simply because I am telling it with a different style. Instead of following scores of characters, I switch between the perspectives of only two. I am learning a lot, but I fear that my pacing might be off a little…

As for my non-imaginary existence, I have been trying to catch up/get ahead on some school projects. When I look at how busy my summer is going to get, I shiver. Then I sit down and write papers. Tonight, dinner is at my sister Kate’s house. Beyond that? Well, that takes up just about every hour of the day. And free time is torn between re-runs of Murder, She Wrote and Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey.

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