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It is dark outside. The house is decorated for Christmas. The roads sound wet as the cars go rushing past. I cannot hear the television that usually wafts from downstairs. I know it is on because the footsteps of my family are quiet. As the hours of homework extend and I change into clothes I would never go outside in, it is easy to forget that it is only six o’clock. It feels like midnight. This is winter. It has come.

There is something wonderful about home and winter, even when it is dark and dreary outside, even when I am stuck in my room doing homework, even when my eyes ache from staring at a computer screen, even as we each do some chore we rarely have time for. This is home and home is good. I am thankful for big blessings like home and safety and warmth and family and the mental stamina to do my homework.

November has past. Thankfulness has not. I am grateful for the life I live.

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