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I had the awesome opportunity Tuesday to get away from studying for today’s sociology final to teaching two communications classes at Penobscot Christian School in Bangor, Maine. After teaching these two classes to the 7th and 8th graders, I was asked to speak to a class of 5th and 6th graders. I met some really awesome students at the school and got to talk about creative writing and about letting God use you now.

The principle then invited me to come back the next day (today) and speak at chapel. This was really exciting to me because my passion is to show young people that God is ready to do miraculous (seemingly impossible–like in Numbers 22 where God lets a donkey talk) things now. I tried to teach the students that in part yesterday, but it was difficult to explain in the short amount of time. Today, I really enjoyed getting to speak to students from kindergarten through eighth grade because this message is not just for teens, it is for adults and for toddlers: God is ready to move; He wants to use you.

I was amazed today, after much prayer, that my nerves seemed to completely disappear as I spoke. I was focused on God, on His word and on His message. That was what mattered. The rest seemed to fade away. I thought speaking would never get easier. Tomorrow it might be difficult again, but today I would rather do nothing than speak. My soul was content; the world was forgotten. I had a purpose; it was clear and the moment was beautiful.

A few weeks ago as I worked on my ‘Christian Experience Essay’ for my college application (to Columbia International University, where I intend to go next year to major in Business and Bible), I wrote that God had always made me passionate about helping people understand. That was the first time I realized it and I am so glad I did! That is why I love writing and that is why I love speaking (a recent developement), because I can help people understand. You may not be passionate about that, but whatever you are passionate about, GO FOR IT!

Last week I was not a speaker. This week I spoke six times to people of all ages. When God moves, He moves fully. If you give your life to Him, you will be amazed with how you will go from breathing to living. God wants to give you life, not just oxygen. I finally get that.

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