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Oh I do love the open road. Nevertheless, my brain was the consistency of jello when I finally made it to New York. It was not today’s drive that killed me. It was the drive to and from New York on Tuesday, followed by this drive, that nearly sucked all my capacity for logical thought away. So, like any sane person, as I ransacked my sister Julie’s cabinets for food I settled on chocolate chip pancakes. They may not have been the best choice for food to follow up the three cups of coffee (one was decaf) I had tapped into on the drive, but oh they were good!

Listening to sermons in the car is a great way to pass the time, learn some good things, and keep your mind in a solid place. There is no telling what big thoughts will pop into a person’s head as they sit all alone in a car… My pastor’s sermons are all online and I downloaded several onto my iPod before leaving home, along with a new CD to keep me company.¬† So, with less near-death experiences than I usually face on a short drive in Bangor (we Mainers are crazy drivers), I made it to Nyack, New York in one piece. Tomorrow: Virginia.

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I spent today in Portland with my mother. It was a lovely day, full of talking more than shopping. We had Friendlys for lunch and walked through the mall, before sitting down on a bench and just talking. Dinner was coffee and desert at Olive Garden. It was wonderful. We discussed EVERYTHING. The last seven+ months have been months of thinking and praying through major decisions. The last few weeks have been the time when I have begun to solidify those decisions. God has revealed much to me.

I expected at least some of my life changes to startle or cause confusion, but my mother understood them all and supported me in them. It was really good to talk out opinions, philosophies, business strategies, and so much more. But now, I am done talking. I have no more thoughts, hopes or prayers I dare utter. Tomorrow I hope to get some major work done, now that I have thought through much. I have officially decided to enroll in the online accelerated learning program at Nyack¬†college. And Xsardis will be released in November of 2011. My book tour will begin as soon as possible, though the form may have changed slightly. I have high hopes for the continuation of the Writers’ Guild. New advertising and networking is on the horizon. And much, much more. Stay tuned!

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