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After that hurried post of a Friday afternoon life got slower and sweeter. I returned to my roots of Maine Bible Quizzing, to be hugged to death by loving teens and smiled at until the world beamed as a happy place. My high school mentor lit up when I told her about the possible trip overseas, adding to the courage my mom and friend Amy had been instilling all day. It was Sister Kate who finally pushed my brain from ‘oh-my-goodness-I-can’t-do-this’ to ‘oh-my-goodness-I’m-going-to-Paris!’ So I spent the weekend dreaming. Dreaming of taking a train from Paris to Venice or landing in Tel Aviv instead of my original destination. Of scuba diving and visiting Jerusalem and taking a ride on a hot air balloon. Of course, the trip will probably end up a simple version of what it started out to be, but the dreaming has been fun.

Hopefully the next time I talk to Sister Julie about this trip I won’t accidentally hang up on her. Or hit the ‘Pandora’ button on my phone so that Michael Buble starts serenading me with Christmas carols. Maybe, I’ll be daring and step far outside my comfort zone and into the Middle East. Maybe, we will buy the tickets. Maybe.

See, I don’t want to look back on my life and find that I am the kind of person who said no to opportunity. I want to say yes. Even to big, scary opportunity.


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Unable to allow my cold to stifle writing forever, I brewed my favorite cup of coffee (saved for special writing occasions only), turned on Pandora, and sat down with my laptop yesterday afternoon. I was surprised by how well the words poured forth. They were not gold, but they were the second-to-last coat of polish that these final chapters require.

I shiver with excitement as I realize how close I am to the end of the novel. Editing well in-hand; printing researched; and we leave in only a few minutes to meet my cover artist to preview the design for Mark of Orion. Can it be?

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It seemed that I merely blinked and two and a half hours have blown past. My nearly-undiscovered love of business rests largely on a passion for marketing. Which I guess is a good thing, given my field of choice. Pandora’s Lindsey-Stirling-themed station playing bordering-on-techno music in the background, I have been retooling my many websites. Perhaps it is my desire to dodge my own editing that makes me so excited about marketing, but I think more accurately I just love marketing…

Big days for Rebirth Publishing, as we consider where our future leads. I continue to ask for your prayers as I guide my company. After what seemed like yet another blink but was really three months of research, investigation, attempts, and prayer, I am finally ready to sit down with my ‘momager’ (I just discovered that word and I LOVE it! In case there is a less-than-pleasant idea surrounding the word let me tell you that I mean it with the greatest thrill and respect.) and make some decisions. So pray for us. Pray we will keep the right priorities, that we will follow where God leads, that opportunities will be fulfilled in His timing, that I will be patient, and whatever else you feel led to pray for us. We appreciate your support more than words can say.

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This morning I allowed myself a little rest, then I headed to Starbucks to push through some tough papers. Much has been accomplished; much more needs to be done. Then again, that’s college life, isn’t it?

Thankful for:

1. A warm fireplace (both in my home and in Starbucks)

2. Pandora

3. The invention of mocha

4. Beautiful weather

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This is NOT a review of Brave. I dare not attempt such a thing. But I want to tell you this. If you are going to go see the movie, get there early for the film short. It was my favorite part of the film.

I bought the movie soundtrack today (what can I say? I was getting bored with Pandora’s attempts at Celtic music) and listened to it while I hopped from project to project. I received an expected email telling me about an unexpected problem with a major homework assignment. The music was a nice backdrop as I fixed the problem. God blessed me with the clarity of mind to do so. With the sun peaking its head out as it does periodically this week and the homework pushed back, I’m feeling pretty good!

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It took a surprisingly short amount of time for me to tire of the film scores radio on Pandora. So after plugging in some rockish fiddle music, I moved onto Yo-Yo Ma’s inspiring work on Pandora. The wordless music is a nice break from my own over-played supply of music and it keeps me in a creative frame of mind all day long.

And that’s good for every part of my body save my wrists. They, like so many other people’s, reject the notion of spending all day and all night typing away at novels and school reports. (What’s their problem, right?) Finally caving, I have accepted a wrist brace, which makes me feel a lot better but type much poorer. Funny how changing a small part of the way my body moves can affect how my fingers do their jobs…

I made myself a wonderful salad for lunch, topping it with left-over steak. And just as I finished it and thought, “Wow, what a great meal!” I got a call from my dad. He asked if I would join him and my mother for lunch to celebrate his settling one of his cases. That’s an offer I just couldn’t refuse, so I got desert instead. After my giant smoothie and my salad, the cake was too rich and chocolately (who would have thought I would ever say that?), but it was AMAZING! And the greatest part was taking a breath from my evil accounting project and connecting with my parents in the middle of the day. That’s privilege I don’t often get and I was grateful for it today.

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What should I be doing right now? Writing my midterm paper or a variety of other school/work projects. I tried this morning. And I got some good work done. But my heart and my mind and my creativity are always with this novel I am working on. It is not even a book I want to release for several years, but my imagination doesn’t seem to care.

So as I listen to Pandora’s ‘Film Scores Radio’, I compose my own tale. The characters, the voice, the adventure, the mystery all seems to be falling into place in a way that it has not since I wrote Issym (or maybe never). What a joy to write on days like these!

I love connecting creatively with my nephew Silas. My winter village is still up since I have been gone, the snow has lingered, and the basement is not quite ready to embrace my pieces. Silas and I walked its center aisle yesterday and he asked me questions about who lived in the houses. We imagined together and it was sweet and good. Some moments you just want to stay in forever and that was one!

And in other news, the Bangor Public Library has purchased two copies of the Xsardis Chronicles. Hooray! So if you have been waiting to read them, request them now!

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