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It is strange, but good to be back in Maine. I miss the life I left behind, the baby that I can still feel on my heart and the laughter of being consistently with other young people.  Yet I ached for this life and this home when I was away. I’m back to my fireside and my major household chore as ‘Master of the Blaze’; back to my nephews and their beautiful smiles; back to my Tempur-pedic and my gorgeous room; back to my attic-office and favorite candles  and white-board that together get the creativity flowing; back to the safety of family and friends.

It is a good thing to have safety in family. On Sunday two friends and I were heading out for a post-birthday dinner when a very creepy, clearly not in control of himself man lurked in our parking lot inches from my car. I’ve got to say that it put a start through me as I hit the locks and backed carefully out of my driveway. And while the cops were dealing with the issue within a couple of minutes it was a comfort to know that at the honk of my car my dad would have been outside in full battle mode in seconds. It is good to have support, and I am deeply grateful for the life God has given me. I drink in the beautifully simplistic moments surrounding me lately.

So as I take a respite in Maine, I’m finding that the creativity is steadily coming back to me and my marketing campaign is most certainly getting better. Doubts plagued me for years. It is so good now to live in clarity and peace. God is opening doors and blessing me with trust for what come next. Continue to pray as we look for new speaking engagements, new equipment, new authors, and as I search for new healing for my body. As the Xsardis peeps would say, “Kiash!”

Also, you’ll want to check out the five album give away from http://joshgarrels.com/. Don’t forget to tip him as all proceeds go to the work of World Relief in the DR Congo! The music is what I listen to in the background as I write and I highly recommend it.

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There is plenty to worry about. The tragic events of last week, of Hurricane Sandy, of what I read about in my Western Civilizations class are enough to prove that. I will not miss spending hours a day reading about death and the errors of our past. Nonetheless, the reading had a place. As Edmund Burke says, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” Now that the class is complete, I may even be able to agree that it was worthwhile to take. But draining. Ever so draining.

We cannot run from the tragedy of life. Sometimes worry is that gut feeling that triggers us not to walk down the dark alley or tells us to get on our knees and pray for a friend. But worry does not have to dominate our lives and that, my friends, is liberating. I do not know how people without a Savior to trust in can be at peace, but I can be. I am. And that peace creates a joy that enables me to stop and enjoy a day like yesterday.

I dressed up as an Egyptian princess for my nephew’s birthday party. It was delight to hear him open every present and even if he couldn’t tell just what it was from the box go, “Oh yay!”. To the Hulk-gloves I gave him he kept saying, “This is just what I always wanted.” Positive, wonderful, happiness over a pair of $15 green gloves. If only we all could be so content in the simple things…

So Western Civ, you had your place, but saying goodbye to you might be the best Christmas present I get this year. Remember, friends, that this is the season to be reminded that God is working out a mighty plan. Never fear!

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It is dark outside. The house is decorated for Christmas. The roads sound wet as the cars go rushing past. I cannot hear the television that usually wafts from downstairs. I know it is on because the footsteps of my family are quiet. As the hours of homework extend and I change into clothes I would never go outside in, it is easy to forget that it is only six o’clock. It feels like midnight. This is winter. It has come.

There is something wonderful about home and winter, even when it is dark and dreary outside, even when I am stuck in my room doing homework, even when my eyes ache from staring at a computer screen, even as we each do some chore we rarely have time for. This is home and home is good. I am thankful for big blessings like home and safety and warmth and family and the mental stamina to do my homework.

November has past. Thankfulness has not. I am grateful for the life I live.

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